Yuya Kazama

Specialises In (based on submitted proposals)
test-engineering テストエンジニアリング agile-testing ソフトウェア開発の熟達-software-craftsmanship online on-site 新潟トラック agile-testing:アジャイルテスティング agile_testing learn-and-grow-by-team:チームの学びと成長 その他-others testing テスト チームの学びと成長-learn-and-grow-by-team organization mental-health メンタルヘルス

For two years after graduating, I participated in the in-house tool development team and gained experience in design and development, and the next four years worked as QA for test automation and process improvement.
I am enlightening about the importance of creating quality from upstream processes in parallel with my daily work.
Currently, I am participating in the QA startup team, and I am developing and enlightening a system that allows the QA team to work from a few test base.