Yvonne McIntosh

Yvonne McIntosh

Head of Learning and Organisational Development
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Member since 3 years


Yvonne McIntosh

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Heading up Learning and Organisational Development at Genworth for 6 years, Yvonne has been leading the culture development efforts for the last 18 months. She is leading a Program of works and a team of cross functional business leaders who are  actively contributing to aligning systems, telling stories of change and facilitating conversations about personal and team evolution.

Yvonne is working across the whole OD spectrum aligning Genworth's talent management, leadership development and diversity initiatives to drive the culture Genworth aspires to. Yvonne is a partner to the senior executive team in ensuring that the culture evolves to enable Genworth's business strategy while ensuring sound risk management in a highly regulated, scrutinised and fast changing industry.

Partnering with Adaptive Cultures over the last 18 months, a powerful momentum has emerged that now sees the organisation on a path to significant change.