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In college I majored in Philosophy, and had not taken a single computer science course, or written a single line of code.  At my first job post college, as a Quality Assurance Analyst, I decided to 'dig under the hood' and learn programming through Udacity -- and I soon became hooked.  2 Nanodegrees later, I got my first job as a Test Engineer, and I haven't looked back since.  Now I work at ReviewTrackers in Chicago as their Sr. Test Engineer. 

I love digging into problems and root cause analysis -- no doubt this is related to my Philosophy degree.  I'd say that only 30% percent of my programming skills came from Udacity. The rest are from a random assortment of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), textbooks, podcasts, blogposts, stack overflow articles, events, code documentation, and small projects. Self-directed learning is my thing.  When I'm not learning, I'm taking photography classes, improv classes, or cooking something yummy.