Whats New In Confengine

Release: Jan, 2023

Accept Volunteer Applications
You can now accept applications for volunteers for your conference. You can enable this by checking the 'Accept Conference Volunteer Applications' checkbox on the 'Program Committee' page when you update a conference. You can accept/reject the applications from the 'Update Program Committee' page (Admin menu).

Release: Dec, 2022

Improved handling of hangout table video call errors
Hangout tables now handles low network, video/audio decoding issues and other errors conditions gracefully in addition to logging them for better understanding of the situation.
Send email reminder to assigned reviewers
Weekly emails are now sent to reviewers who have proposals waiting for review in their queue. The email has links to all the proposals pending review and other useful links like submission dashboard.
Hybrid Events
If you wish to run your conference in both a physical and virtual mode, you can set it up as a Hybrid event. To do this, select mode as 'Hybrid' on the venues page when you are creating your conference. In a hybrid conference, every venue can be setup in a physical mode, or a virtual mode, or both, thus providing you complete flexibility in running your conference.
Paypal Integration for buying Conference plans
You can now use your PayPal account to buy a Conference plan (if you're making the payment in USD). You can also use PayPal to make the purchase using your debit or credit card.
Redeem Balance Amount
You can now redeem your Confengine balance amount while buying a conference pass/ticket. If you have any balance left with us, an option to redeem it will be displayed on the checkout page.

Release: November, 2022

Assign Reviewers to proposals on the Submission Dashboard
The Submission Dashboard has a new feature now where the Chair of a program committee can assign a proposal for reveiw to a member (reviewer) of the program committee. More than one reviewer can be assigned to a proposal. There is an option to bulk assign reviewers to multiple proposals in one go. The reviewer gets an email notification when a proposal is assigned to them along with links to the proposals assigned and to the Submission Dashboard.
Pay Online for Conference Plans
Payment for conference plans (which previously had to be made offline) is now integrated in the application. Users can now seamlessly buy conference plans and assign them to their conferences. The invoices page will also display invoices for conference plan payments.
PC Tags
On the submission dashboard, a 'PC Tags' column is now available, using which any program committee (PC) member can tag a proposal with relevant tags. Filtering, exporting, etc. is all available on PC tags. These tags would also be visible to PC members on the proposal details page.
Differentiate between public and private comments in submission dashboard
A break up of Private and Public comment is now provided on the submission dashboard. A 'your comments' tag has also been added to indicate the number of comments posted by the logged in user on the proposal.
Watchlist improvements
Watchlist now has a separate column to indicate if a comment was added after you last viewed the proposal. Please note that if you comment on a proposal or if you vote on a proposal, it automatically gets added to your watchlist.