Using EEG and Machine Learning to Perform Lie Detection

schedule Dec 4th 04:40 - 05:30 PM place Red Room people 79 Interested

Using an EPOC headset from Emotiv, I have captured 14 channels of EEG (brain waves) while subjects lied and answered truthfully to a series of questions. I fed this labelled dataset into Azure Machine Learning to build a classifier which predicts whether a subject is telling the truth or lying. In this session, I will share my results on this “lie detector” experiment. I will show my machine learning model, data cleaning process, and results, along with discussing the limitations of my approach and next steps/resources. Attendees will gain exposure to the Emotiv EPOC headset and Azure Machine Learning.

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Target Audience

Software engineers, data engineers and anyone interested in machine learning and big data analysis.

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