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schedule Nov 29th 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM place Cliftons Melbourne shopping_cart Reserve Your Seat

Cloud functions have been taking the industry by storm. Always available, scale transparently, only pay for the compute you use (100% utilization) and deploy instantly with zero downtime. However getting started is frought with complexity and configuration. In this workshop you will quickly learn all the angles of 'serverless' technology using Amazon Web Services:

  • Lambda
  • API Gateway
  • Route53
  • S3
  • Simple Notification Service
  • DynamoDB
  • CloudFront
  • CloudWatch Events

JSF Architect tames AWS complexity, and gets you immediately productive deploying live to isolated staging and production environments. We will setup a CRON function that runs on an interval completely in the cloud. We'll create a website on a brand new domain and be deploying to in seconds complete with user auth and state. We'll create a stateless restful JSON API. We'll close the workshop by building a completely functional bot for Slack.


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Learning Outcome

You will learn to set everything up on your own AWS account from nothing to a fully deployed "serverless" app on a domain.

Target Audience

Software engineers, architects, operations and cloud engineers, technical leaders and anyone interested in cloud architecture on AWS.


  • Laptop with wifi-internet access and with an AWS account setup
  • AWS credentials setup on your machine
  • $7 (or more if they wish!) to buy a domain name on Route53
  • An internet connection
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