Physics, and Other Meaningless Tweaks Your Users Will Love!

This talk covers the use of physics and similar real world effects in your applications to make them, well more physical. Despite Apple’s push towards ugly design (and now slow move back towards something useful) your users still like their apps to work the way the real world works and I think deep down inside Apple knows this. There is a slew of great APIs which are rarely used to make your app a lot more real feeling.

In this session we will take a look at:

  • skeuomorphic and playful interactions from both a designer and developer perspective
  • some good examples of apps using skeuomorphic design even in the current iOS landscape
  • some good examples of apps using playful interactions
  • cover the techniques and APIs Apple has provided to use these design elements in your apps
  • Live code demo (because they always work) of some of these techniques to show how easy they are to implement

*** User love is not guaranteed.


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