Building React Web and React-Native Apps With Shared Code

Diving into the feasibility of using a single code base for generating multiple front-end applications.

We'll discuss using React and React-Native for building apps that provide a consistent experience across native, mobile and desktop web.

Using React and React-Native as the UI layer upon a shared JavaScript core codebase can greatly improve your organisation's delivery of new features to customers.

We'll talk about our migration strategy for the new apps replacing our existing apps, piece by piece. Not slowing down our continuous release of features to customers while replace the apps.

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Outline/structure of the Session

We'll start with an introduction to our motives as front end developers for investigating these technologies.

There will be slides with diagrams representing our ways of working and how they can be improved with a new technological approach.

We'll provide slides with code examples as we reveal our approach to creating a shared codebase.

Learning Outcome

How to build a React Web and React Native app from the same codebase.

How we approached the "incremental deployment" into our existing web / native apps.

We'll share our gotchas and battle scars. We'll highlight the technical as well as social challenges we faced and share how we approached them.

Target Audience

Native developers, web developers, and anyone who has multiple front-ends for their users.

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