Push it Real Good - with Kotlin, Rx and Web Sockets

Kotlin is the cool new kid on the block for Android, but is just as cool on the back end.

Using Rx and WebSockets we will push data from the server to an Android device and update the UI in one continuous reactive motion. Also the way demonstrating feature of the Kotlin language and simple architectural patterns to implement ReactiveX ideas.

sThis technique is can be applied to react to event data from IoT devices. 

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Outline/structure of the Session


  • who am i
  • Business Problem 
  • Basic Solution Architecture


Create basic web server in Kotlin exposing web socket

Using ReactiveX techniques push data to web-socket                 

Client (Android)

Create Basic Android App in Kotlin connecting to web Socket

Use Rx to bind data to UI


(Stretch Goal) (if there is time)

Simple IoT device to provide data stream to send to client via server (see above). Ideally use Kotlin for IoT device as well.


Learning Outcome

Kotlin on both Server and Adroid

Web Sockets

Reactive Programing 

Push Architecture


Target Audience

Mobile Developers / Architect


Basic Mobile Development

Understanding of Rx ideas will be an advantage

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