ConstraintLayout - One Layout to Rule them All.

This session will give a practical demonstration of how to convert an existing deeply nested view hierarchy for a typical Android app into a more efficient (in terms of measure and layout performance) hierarchy using ConstraintLayout. I will also show how you can use the features of the ConstraintLayout library to create view hierarchies that enable rich animations with little effort.

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Outline/structure of the Session

I will present a typical screen that you might find in any Android app, and then convert this to a ConstraintLayout based hierarchy from the original LinearLayout/RelativeLayout hierarchy. Showing how to use the features of the ConstraintLayout library to reduce the amount of code you need to build the same screen.

I will then cover how this new hierarchy allows you to perform some animations that might otherwise be cumbersome or impossible.

Learning Outcome

Attendees will leave the session with a fresh understanding of this new layout available to Android developers.

Target Audience

Android developers looking to improve their Android apps but reducing the depth of their view hierarchy to improve measure and layout performance.


Android developers who have used existing framework layouts such as LinearLayout, RelativeLayout and TableLayout.

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