The Yackandandah Folk Festival App - A story about stuffing up until you succeed

 * Want to hear a tale of last minute rejections, expeditions and pulling through by the tips of our folking beards?

* Do you want to see a couple of backend devs blunder around until they have something that's good enough for both the iOS and Android app stores?

* Or do you just want to see some goats, fiddles and bunting?

* Good news! Folk fan or not, come along for a wholesome dose of community spirit, overcoming the impediment of a life spent with Ruby on Rails and triumphing against adversity!

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Outline/structure of the Session

My case study is a humorous and light-hearted look at our experiences getting to both app stores for the first time, and ends with a positive message about community spirit and hitting your goals. In my humble opinion, this would make it a great talk to finish the day or to enjoy with a beer in hand! Whilst I don't plan on diving in too much to the app code itself, and the presentation won't be too code-heavy, doing just enough to get into both stores has given me a good viewpoint on how to learn new things.


(3 minutes) Introduction - who I am, what we built, what/where is Yackandandah?

(3 minutes) Our first mobile app - learning iOS and getting to the App Store for the first time

(7 minutes) Round two - learning Android, Java and how they compare to iOS and Swift
(7 minutes) Rejection - being suspended from the Play Store, last minute appeals and 11th Hour Typos

(5 minutes) Conclusion - Learning new skills, complementing your existing knowledge with side projects and using accountability as motivation

(5 minutes) Questions

Learning Outcome

* Resources for learning iOS and Android
* Apple and Google App Store rejections and processes
* How to learn in new fields

Target Audience



 No prerequisites

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