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Instant Apps is a bridge between mobile web and native apps. It absorbs the best of both worlds and provides a unique user experience. Instant Apps was designed with speed, light weight, best UX and modularity in mind. Just like mobile web apps Instant Apps is very light and does not require installation. On the other hand, it provides a truly native user experience with material design and native navigation, which users are so used to.

As a member of Google's early access partner group, I got access to Instant Apps API and tools in their early experimental stage. I led Instant Apps project for the last few months at and would love to share the experience. The project was a huge success and got featured on Google Android Developer website (


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Outline/structure of the Session

In my talk I will touch the following points:

- Instant Apps types

- Architecture changes

- Size and feature constraints

- Pain points and lessons learnt

- Ways to slim down the app and bring it down to 4 MB

- Benefits

- Q&A

Learning Outcome

After the talk, developers would be ready to build Instant Apps and improve the quality of installed application.

Target Audience

Mobile Developers


Android development

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