5,4,3,2,1: Declarative Apps are Go!

We've been using declarative elements to build both web (html/css) and mobile apps (Android xml resource files) for quite sometime, but can you build complete apps declaratively? Turns out that the answer is mostly yes - if you look at the whole concept of app development in a different way.

Enter Jasonette: a new and very interesting declarative framework for building native Android and iOS apps. This talk will not just look at how you can build simple apps in just minutes with Jasonette, but more importantly what this means for the way we build apps and how you can integrate Jasonette into your existing workflow to be a more productive developer. 

While Jasonette is a cross-platform framework, for both iOS and Android app development and most of the topics covered will be applicable to iOS developers, this talk will focus on Android and most code examples will be for the Android platform.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • What is Jasonette?
  • An app in 5min
  • Jasonette under the hood
  • Integrating Jasonette
  • Extending Jasonette
  • Lessons learnt

Learning Outcome

This talk will give Android and iOS developers a solid understanding of using the Jasonette framework both standalone and within existing apps, as well as where concepts from the framework can be applied within their existing code bases.

Target Audience

Android and iOS developers


Good knowledge of either Android or iOS mobile development.

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