Making Petrol Stations Talk: Challenges when Implementing an End-to-End IoT Solution

schedule Sep 21st 02:55 PM - 03:40 PM place Green Room

Petrol stations are dangerous places. Constant monitoring and analysis is crucial to ensure operation is safe and efficient on a daily basis. But the devices that monitor the stations are old and dumb where information needs to be pulled to be analysed.

Well, we inverted that - and found interesting challenges to solve.

From design and development of new hardware to the implementation of a new system providing real-time information about their petrol stations, I will tell you what it's like to be involved in a project with so many variables.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Domain introduction (2 ~ 5 min)
  2. Product idea and engagement (2 ~ 5)
  3. Challenges introduction (1 min)
  4. Talk about each challenge (2 ~ 4 challenges) (~ 7 min each)
  5. Closing thoughts (1 ~ 3 min)

I'm planning on bringing devices into the room to gather more interest and start by setting them up whilst talking to audience giving the low down.

The session will not be interactive and there will be no live coding.

Learning Outcome

At the end of the session the participants will have a better understand of how a petrol station is monitored and how we used AWS to be the platform for integration of services and data pipelines. Participants will be presented challenges and solutions to those challenges using cloud solutions.

Target Audience

Developers, architects, solution designers



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