Decoding Design: Because you are not "just like your user"

At this very moment, there are over 5 billion people tapping and swiping on their mobile phones in every corner of our planet. There are people in Sri Lanka tapping and swiping, South-Africa, Ecuador and Tanzania. The Albanias and Swedes, also busy tapping and swiping.

As a technologist, your aim in life is to capture as many of these tappers and swipers as you can. Given that there are only about 22 million developers in the world, it is likely that the tappers and swipers will not at all be just like you. Building a product for people like you, therefore, greatly limits the size of your total addressable market - which in short, is really bad business.

We know that startups co-founded by designers are far more likely to succeed. But why is this? What exactly do these mysterious Design Creatures do, and more importantly, what can you learn from them to help your product win the tapping and swiping game?

Join Anna for an entertaining, practical and example packed presentation that will absolutely change the way you view the role of design in the making of your next product.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Section 1: Why design should matter to anyone developing products

Section 2: How design can help developers create lovable products

Section 3: Incorporating practical design principles into Agile sprints

Learning Outcome

Attendees should expect to learn the following:

  1. Understand why products co-created by designers and technologists are more likely to succeed
  2. Understand the benefits of creating products that are loveable by market segments that are not themselves technologists
  3. Understand how the elements of design style thinking (or human centred design) make products loveable
  4. Leave with a clear understanding of how standard agile sprints can be augmented to include design in the development process

Target Audience

All non-designers: developers, technologists, managers, inventors, artists and dreamers


General knowledge and experience in app (product) development

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