React Native: Building shared components for Android and iOS

This talk discusses how Domain implemented React Native Components in their native Android and iOS apps.

It will cover a brief history of React Native and the lessons learned whilst implementing shared components into existing codebases. Comparing and contrasting development environments of Android, iOS and React Native whilst discussing working together with both Java, Swift and Javascript. Topics include the React ecosystem, modern Javascript development and managing multiple components within a monorepo.

In addition to the technical aspects, the talk will discuss the impact of React Native and what it means for developers. Bringing forth the question of whether the cross-platform ideology of ‘write once, run anywhere’ is the future of mobile development.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Introduction to React Native
  • How we implemented and shipped React Native components at Domain
  • Technical Details on Android
  • Technical Details on iOS
  • Lessons Learned / Caveats / Issues
  • Result - how did these components perform? Were the project managers happy?
  • Conclude

Learning Outcome

  • An overview of using React Native in existing native mobile apps
  • Technical insight into how to integrate RN components
  • Issues to be aware of when attempting this

Target Audience

Native Mobile Developers (Android and iOS), and any Javascript devs

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