Flying Toasters: What the world of free flight can teach us about IoT development

While the quiet world of free-flight (flying un-powered Paragliders and Hang-gliders) might seem far removed from the fast-paced hype of the IoT, there are actually a number of similarities between the two areas which could help the new area of IoT learn from the decades of experience that free flight pilots have gained.

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Outline/structure of the Session

* A brief history
* failure is not an option: safety critical systems
* redundancy
* unreliable networks
* standards: pick at least two
* chasing the clouds away.. (outdoor visibility)
* chill out (low temp operation)
* summary

Learning Outcome

This talk will give attendees a new perspective on some of the issues involved in IoT and approaches to tackling them.

Target Audience

IoT developers


Some experience in working with embedded or IoT systems.

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