Blockchain- Actionable Innovation!

The blockchain is about to change everything - disrupting how the economy is done. It makes it possible to have a distributed, transparent system for exchanging value. 

In the era of shared economy, will you wonder if there are means to pay someone to jump ahead in this Sydney traffic or display an advertisement and monetize your car? Identity is the most difficult thing and if blockchain can help to solve that, it will potentially open up a lot of opportunities. 

You would have heard that Blockchain is the next big thing to Internet. When I first heard about it years back, I thought its thing of the past, not my generation. But it is happening fast and could be a thing of tomorrow!

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Outline/structure of the Session

30 minutes talk

1. Intro - What is Blockchain?

2. Technology behind

3. Few examples to help the understanding further

4. Applications of blockchain


Learning Outcome

* Understanding of Blockchain technology

* How and where could it be applied

Target Audience

Anyone interested in understanding what is Blockchain


* An interest in blockchain

* Very basic knowledge about blockchain

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