The structure of the creative team was developed over 100 years ago. We still need art and copy, but imagine the magic that can happen when you bring developers and technologists to the team? Carmela and Kruti will talk about how to bring two very different types of minds together, and all the fun to be had bringing technology to creative work and adding stories to technology. 

Including Technology Team earlier at the stage when we are pitching for it helped us to better understand technical constraints and collaborate well with the creative ideas to create Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and other experiences. We will give you examples of work we have done so far, and our success stories of us collaborating and making amazing experiences.

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Outline/structure of the Session

# Introduction

# Collaboration : Technology and Creative

# Experiances we have created togather

# Results

Learning Outcome

# Effectiveness in Collaborating

# Future 

# Experience of having Mobile team involved earlier

# How involving Technology and Creative at early pitching process to get client confidence

# Results

Target Audience

Technology Enthusiasts, Developers, Creatives, founders, Tech Directors, Designers

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