How we delivered a Swift app in under 2 months

Swift was released by Apple in 2014, while many were discussing if Swift was ready for commercial applications, we chose Swift 2.2 to create an application for a major Telco. This was migrated from an existing PhoneGap prototype provided to the client by the POC team that had quit.


Note: Would it be worth if there were no screenshots of the project and no mention of the Client? However the code and other details can be discussed.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Note: This is just a draft at this moment

The project - the importance for a startup specially in tie-ups with a major ASX top 10 organsiation

The state - The state of the project when I took over

The timelines - Required as of yesterday

The impediments - Staff, their capabilities, app passing Pen-testing and related costs

The POC - what the client saw and signed for vs the prototype/hierarchy

The first cut - Using Swift just like Objective-C

The second cut - Using extensions and swift functions

The release - Acceptance by the client

The current status - off the app store as the company ceased trading at one point

What we learned and what worked in our favour and what didn't

Learning Outcome

This is a case study, the learning outcomes can be subjective to each participant depending on how they relate to the case study.

However, these are still the following outcomes

* Speed of implementation of a Swift project

* Issues when working with an ever moving target

* Advantages of using Swift over PhoneGap or Objective-C

Target Audience

Anyone interested in Mobile Development and specifically iOS and using Swift


No Pre-requisites

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