Since the start of the Industrial Revolution there have been a number of key technological advancements that have changed the way we work and interact with the world. Much like how cooked food effected our evolution; modern technology and globalisation is changing what we expect from our workplaces, like never before.

Learn about the forces driving this change and how IoT and big data is enabling the revolution.

ACA Projects works in this space and I'll provide tangible examples throughout the talk.
From a developer perspective, I'll cover how to get started with an open platform / framework that we maintain for monitoring and reacting to networked devices, discussing how we deliver these experiences.

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Outline/structure of the Session

History (what is driving change in our workplaces, the rate of change)

Big Data (what constitutes big data, how does it exist in daily life)

IoT (sensors and internet connectivity vs traditional infrastructure)

Smart Precincts (how big data and IoT can be used to enable new experiences)

Examples and demonstration of ACA Engine (open platform)

Thoughts on the future

Learning Outcome

  • What constitutes a modern workplace
  • What technologies are being integrated in the buildings we work in (new and old)
  • How new workplace experiences can be delivered
  • What do people expect from technology and common pitfalls


Target Audience

COOs, CIOs, Workplace / Building / Precinct / Managers, Technical Consultants, Solution Developers, Full Stack Developers, Web Developers


Basic understanding of networking


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