React and React Native are two popular frameworks. React has made many advances in the simplification of state on web applications, whereas React Native has implemented this to become popularised as a strong candidate when talking about code consolidation across iOS, Android and to some extent Windows Mobile devices. But as of today, neither of these codebases talk to each other. However, as technology changes, so does the paradigm of separating Mobile and Web.

In this session we are going to take a look at what we can do to start sharing codebases across all of these platforms at the same time: functionality, UI, navigation and more. We will explore what can be used, what should be separated, what are the benefits and what are the potential pitfalls. 

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Outline/structure of the Session

We will begin by breaking down the different conceptual components of web and mobile applications, then see how these sit in a conventional code sharing scenario. After this, we will review different frameworks that can aid in the joining of codebases across the two distinct platforms. Once we have done this, we will start looking at how we can make use of these frameworks and start building out a solution that can allow instant development across all three platforms simultaneously with real time updating. Finally, we will review some of the conceptual difficulties and mental shifts needed to enable working in a fully cross platform paradigm.

Learning Outcome

At the end of this session, attendees should have a good understanding of how to implement a unified approach to developing applications in React and React Native.

Target Audience

iOS, Android and Web developers


Nothing is required to bring to the session. However, users will be encouraged to download a GitHub open source project that they will be able to edit and play with during the talk.

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