The current state of the ever-evolving VR ecosystem!

Virtual reality is evolving rapidly with new advancements and announcements every month (sometimes every week!). It can be undeniably hard to keep up and know quite where things stand — is the promise of mobile VR with 6 degrees of freedom really coming soon? What even is 6 degrees of freedom? Is the Oculus Rift going to be out of date soon? What about the Vive? What VR headsets should you buy? Or should we all just wait for AR? What's overhyped? Patrick will explore all of these questions and more!

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Outline/structure of the Session

- A look at the VR headsets of today

- The difference between mobile and desktop VR

- Where is VR technology headed? What is actually coming out soon and what are just prototypes?

- What headsets are worth buying today?

- Where does AR fit into all of this? Does it make VR irrelevant?

Learning Outcome

Attendees should have a much better grasp of the VR headsets released globally, the difference between them, what headsets are on the way and which are the best option for VR today for both development and general use. Overall, I'd like to help clear up a lot of the confusion and overwhelm around virtual reality which is out there at the moment.

Target Audience

Anyone with an interest in VR, both the current technology and where it is headed


No prior knowledge needed. I'll aim to get everyone on the same page.

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