'Agile Success with Progressive Web Apps' is a case study about 2 years of successful complex software project delivery for B2B education clients who required the waterfall methodology but learned to become comfortable with a truly agile approach and a big bet on Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

During this case-study, we will get to know the story of a small, agile mobile development team that created an unprecedented amount of success and engagement across multiple client departments and stakeholders in Asia and Australia. You will get practical tips on how to use the latest technologies, tools and design principles from 4 successful PWA projects over the past 2 years.

With a focus on Progressive Web App technology and a new approach of creating client trust and engagement by using UX design principles in a B2B setting, you will gain the ability to transform any waterfall client into a fan of your agile work and a passionate contributor to your project. No matter if you are a designer, engineer or project manager - agile project success is a team effort and we will go through practical tips for each role to make your project work more rewarding for you, your team and your clients.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Introduction and context of the case study (Progressive Web App Development for a University) - 5 min

Agile vs Waterfall from a B2B client point of view - 5 min

How to transform a busy client into a passionate collaborator to derisk the project - 5 min

Progressive Web Apps - A new era of mobile development - 10 min

Key Learnings and Questions - 5 min

Learning Outcome

The learning outcomes of this practical case study are:

1) The ability to understand client concerns about agile and how to find a good middle ground

2) The ability to build trust and get buy-in from people one has never met

3) The ability to turn clients into passionate collaborators and massively de-risk the project

4) A high-level understanding of the power of Progressive Web Apps; their benefits, features and opportunities

5) An understanding of how Progressive Web Apps can minimize risks for mobile application development projects

Target Audience

Software Developers, Agile Teams, IT Managers, Project Managers, UI/UX Designers, IT professionals


A basic understanding of the agile and waterfall methodologies would be beneficial.

This presentation will not go into code-level detail of PWA, but will give participants an overview of general benefits and opportunities and also shortcomings

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