Home Automation - concept, design, build for OpenShutters

Simple Machines was engaged by Tiller Design to develop a mobile app to manage IOT devices installed in houses to control window shutters. The experiences and challenges had with the implementation of this project from concept to build were multifaceted, and the importance of interface design, software platform selection, and the multi-organisation delivery model (electronics, industrial design, software) were critical considerations for the project.

On the software side, a cross-platform mobile app was necessary and we’ll share what we evaluated for the development environment, and why React Native was selected. We'll see how important device API design is, and how particular choices in this design can result in drastically different user experience and implementations in software.

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Outline/structure of the Session

General structure will be as below.

  • Physical (non-IOT) Product overview
  • System interaction options (bluetooth vs HTTP over WiFi) + selection/rationale
  • UX and UI design, and relevance to mobile application framework
  • Mobile Application Framework (ReactNative) selection & rationale
  • Challenges and how we overcame them with multiple parties working together on an IOT project - working in parallel via spec, with no system to test against
  • Device functionality and API design - challenges and implications for the end user product

Learning Outcome

At the end of the presentation the audience should understand the following:

  • Cross-platform application development, and where it makes sense
  • The importance of API design for IOT devices, and how this may impact end-user interactions via mobile
  • The importance of correctly splitting responsibilities in a project

Target Audience

Mobile application developers, tech leads, product/project managers


Nothing. Experience working in a multi-party project, or project with multiple systems needing to be delivered may make this more interesting, but it's not really a prerequisite.

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