Are you building a better mousetrap ? That's not enough !

A couple years ago, I built a smarter mousetrap for a well-known pest control company. However, today when I reflect on the journey so far, it seems it wasn't enough. Merely adding connectivity or sensing capability to the legacy object is not a great deal. It is a good start but not an achievement we should be cheering for. So I spent some time documenting this experience and would like to share this with you all.

Many companies have treated IoT as a gimmick for several years now and marketing guys throw keywords like confetti. While IoT and its applications are always presented as sci-fi fantasies, getting them to that (real working) level is a great deal of hard work. And more importantly, that hard work is not as cool as perceived by many customers and developers. By relying on cool aspects and thinking that everything will be just as good only makes us complacent and this affects real value proposition development much harder. Disappointment creeps in slowly and things start to shake.

I would present a real-life case study and experience, more in the form of post-implementation review per se for the work I mentioned earlier. I would highlight, how you can help transform traditional (legacy) products and services into tech products or services. Will speak about various things that usually may go wrong and how you can deal with them when this happens.

Perceptions created by hype and reality make a lot of difference when making a real product, puts developers in difficult positions and raises customer expectations, sometimes beyond reality; and these are the things to watch out for by all those who want to do it. If not perceived & positioned right and treated in an effective way, IoT implementations are easy to derail and fail.

I will also talk about the technologies used in building the product (better mousetrap), how we selected each of them and most importantly - why.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

The presentation would address the following key points:

1. Dos and don’ts of IoT product implementation (new and legacy)
2. Setting right expectations from your IoT sprint/project
3. Do this before you start working on IoT project

4. Sailing through the POC abyss
5. When things go wrong – what to do?
6. The real and lean approach towards IoT implementation

During the presentation, the speaker will also explain the technical aspects of the case study, the technology utilized, the basis of selection, etc.

Learning Outcome

This session is good for companies bringing new products or interested in converting their traditional products or services into IoT enabled ones. The insight shared should help companies to stay away from repeating mistakes others have done and follow an effective/swift path. It would also give the audience an idea about how to handle IoT implementations in a smarter way.

Target Audience

Good for companies bringing new products or interested in turning their traditional products into IoT enabled. It will also help executives and managers who lead these projects from the front. A must attend for smart city/building/utilities people.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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