IoT englobes a wide range of technologies. Among the most important ones we have "communication". Without ways to communicate between the "Internet" and the "Things", nothing is possible.

This presentation explores a few radio technologies, especially the low-power and low-cost ones. We'll understand why such technologies are becoming standard in the IoT industry. Topics like radio modulation, power-consumption, LoRa and many others will be briefly explained during the talk.

The main goal is to bring awareness to the audience regarding the wireless communication options and how their different features can be compared when building an IoT device or solution.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

The presentation starts with an introduction of the speaker, followed by some common IoT problems and how the current technologies are allowing us to be where we're at the moment.

Following, the speaker will mention common aspects of Wireless communication, including some legal aspects of using "open licensed frequencies".

Next, in the schedule, a few important aspects of Radio communication will be analysed, including Modulations, Bandwidth, Low-Power, Low-Cost, Range

To finalize an introduction to common IoT standards will be presented and their status in Australia.

Learning Outcome

After the session, the audience will know more about important characteristics of Wireless Communication. The attendee should know what look for and how to better decide which technology is the most appropriated for an IoT solution.

Target Audience

Developers, Solution Engineers, Hardware Designers, Product Developers

Prerequisites for Attendees

The audience should have some knowledge of digital communication or networks. Having an additional background in software or firmware development, data collection/processing or sensing devices can be an advantage to better understand all topics. Moreover, experience with IoT devices or low-power can be a plus.

Radio and Wireless communication background are not necessary as the idea is not to flood the audience with technical terms, but give an overview of different technologies and educate what are the important aspects of each.

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