In this session, Martin will cover edge computing in the world of the Internet of Things, with a particular focus on using image classification models to help identify endangered species.

The presentation will cover edge computing in general; what it is, when it can and should be used, before delving more specifically in to a demonstration showing how edge computing can be used with machine learning to help identify bilbies and feral animals that endanger them and their environment.

The demonstration will use Microsoft Azure IoT to show how edge computing can be achieved with small amounts of code and configuration.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk


What is Edge Computing

Why Edge Computing

How Edge Computing is achieved in Microsoft Azure IoT

Custom Vision training model

Deployment and Demonstration (Bilby or not Bilby)

Wrap Up

Learning Outcome

Attendees at the presentation will learn what edge computing is in the world of the Internet of Things along with getting insight in to how modern tools allow complex image classification to be applied at the edge.

Target Audience

Architect or Developer

Prerequisites for Attendees

Nothing required

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