Data Driven Culture - Leadership & Growing People

schedule Nov 29th 11:00 - 11:30 AM place State 3

Company Culture and Employee Engagement aren't just popular buzzwords - really understanding what makes your teams tick can lead to a significant difference in company performance, profitability, customer satisfaction. At Agile Australia in 2016 I presented a Culture Manifesto derived from data from over 100,000 survey responses from engagement and exit surveys at more than 150 companies, many of them in the New Tech space, and explained why factors such as effective company leadership, and learning and development, can have a real impact on improving engagement and reducing turnover.

In this talk I will dig in to the topics of leadership and growing people, with updated insights from more recent data, and explain some of the differences we see in groups such as engineering teams, and at different stages of company growth. I will present stories from our own company and other case studies, where people have taken action and the differences we see.

You will appreciate the importance of effective leadership and developing people and how it contributes to engagement; gain insights into the drivers of engagement and turnover; and also hear about the things that we expect would make a difference, but the data proves us wrong!

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Overview of what is company culture / engagement and why should we care

2. Short recap of the "Culture Manifesto" and how it was developed

Having enough resources over flexible working arrangements
Effective overall company leadership over effective direct managers
Rewarding desirable behaviour over clear role definitions
Aligned daily actions and decisions over total transparency
Growing people over enjoyable physical workplaces

3. Dig into "Effective overall company leadership over effective direct managers"

a. How does the survey data measure these?
b. Use data to illustrate the links
c. Explore differences in different groups: gender split, type of team, company size and stage
d. Stories - actions that different companies have taken to improve

4. Dig into "Growing people over enjoyable physical workplaces"

a. How does the survey data measure these?
b. Use data to illustrate the differences
c. Explore differences in different groups
d. Stories - actions that different companies have taken to improve

5. Further resources (our benchmark reports are freely available for people who want to read more)

Learning Outcome

- Understand the key drivers of employee engagement

- Understand how different groups often have different experiences and why

- Be inspired by ideas of actions that other companies have taken

Target Audience

People geeks! If you care about people and enjoy using data to solve problems, this session is for you.

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites.

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