YOW! CTO Summit 2019 Sydney Day 1

Wed, Dec 4

    Registration for YOW! CTO Summit Sydney 2019 - 45 mins


    Session Overviews and Introductions - 15 mins

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    Dave Thomas

    Dave Thomas - Technical Leadership Matters

    schedule  09:35 - 10:05 AM place Grand Ball Room 1

    I've been privileged to work with talented engineering teams for over forty years. They have varied from startups to large international companies. In this talk, I discuss key lessons which I learned from great and terrible technical leaders.

    We look at the many hats of a CTO - Engineering Lead, Engineering Director, Product Owner, Technical Visionary, R&D Director, Chief Entrepreneur, Playing Coach, Chief Scientist, Distinguished Engineer, Board Member, Community Leader. We discuss the essential qualities of technical leadership. Why the Vision thing is an essential feature of a good CTO. The importance of your global technical network.


    Morning Tea - 30 mins

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    John Viner

    John Viner - Rolling out Error Budgets across a 1000 person global engineering organisation

    schedule  11:10 - 11:40 AM place Grand Ball Room 1

    Zendesk has been struggling with reliability from it’s beginning - in many ways it has been a victim of its own overnight success. Over the last few years we’ve had to take drastic measures to address major outages, such as implementing company-wide change freezes.

    These measures hurt when you have 1000 engineers in 120 product development teams across the globe, and in many ways create more risk when the freeze begins to thaw.

    In order to avoid these freeze’s we have recently moved to implement concepts from the Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) discipline, specifically implementing Error Budgets along with SLOs/SLIs. The aim of this is to “scope” the freeze to those systems that have more reliability issues.

    We’ve had some wins in introducing this approach, but are still very much at the beginning of this journey. This talk will tell the story of this journey along with providing some practical suggestions around tooling and practices to implement.

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    YOW! Conference

    YOW! Conference - Lean Coffee

    schedule  11:45 AM - 12:45 PM place Grand Ball Room 1

    From leancoffee.org: Lean Coffee is a structured, but agenda-less meeting. Participants gather, build an agenda, and begin talking. Conversations are directed and productive because the agenda for the meeting was democratically generated. The format for a Lean Coffee is intentionally very simple. It is meant to be the least structure necessary for a coherent and productive meeting.

    Ideas are generated individually, then pooled with those on your table to be then grouped, voted on, and discussed in a timebox. Detailed instructions and explanations will be provided on the day and we will have a few experienced facilitators handy to make sure things run smoothly.

    This session will be a great opportunity to dig deeper into those "aha" moments or questions that arose from the morning's talks, and discuss your current challenges or ideas with your peers at the table.


    Lunch - 60 mins

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    Nicola Nye

    Nicola Nye - The good thing about standards is that there's always room for one more

    schedule  01:45 - 02:15 PM place Grand Ball Room 1

    How does a small Australian email company like Fastmail compete with such dominant players like Google or Office 365 or Apple who have the clout and market presence to do what they like, forcing everyone else to conform to their whims?

    Come and hear a tale of David vs many Goliaths. Learn why we decided to build a new email standard - JMAP - and the process of getting that turned into an RFC. You'll hear about the pitfalls and joys of navigating the standards body IETF to get the standard ratified, and the challenges we still have ahead.

    Maybe you, too, have something you'd like to turn into a standard?


    Afternoon Tea - 30 mins

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    Andrew Harvey

    Andrew Harvey - Your team as a distributed system

    schedule  03:50 - 04:20 PM place Grand Ball Room 1

    As we level up in technical roles, often we find ourselve thrust into team leadership and management. This sneaks up on us and we can be left without the skills to adequately understand, engage with and lead our teams. This inevitably has a negative effect on our teams and this effect is multiplied as you scale.

    What if we could reach into our toolbox that we use to understand technical problems – software architecture and distributed systems theory – to help us understand our teams? Could we learn to better manage people through this metaphor?

    We will explore the dynamics of teams and how they map to our understanding of distributed systems. Using this understanding we can apply distributed systems theory to help unpick some of the dynamics of our teams and how to optimise them for scale.


    Networking Drinks - 60 mins