Image and video recognition for the rest of us

You don't need a PhD or years of research to build an app with machine learning-powered image recognition. The hard work is already done for you! Those who adapt and build upon existing technologies and services are the ones who will excel and benefit from the latest breakthroughs in machine learning. Clarifai, an image and video recognition API, is surprisingly powerful and easy to set up for a range of potential uses. In this presentation, we'll look at what Clarifai can do, the concepts behind image and video recognition in Clarifai and how to train Clarifai to recognise almost anything you'd like it to from images and video.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • What is machine learning?
  • How does image/video recognition work?
  • What is Clarifai?
  • How to train Clarifai to understand your own objects in images/video footage
  • How this can be integrated into applications

Learning Outcome

Attendees should have a good understanding of how image/video recognition works and how they can use it in their own businesses without needing to set up the machine learning infrastructure and research foundations that have previously limited adoption of this sort of capability!

Target Audience

Anyone interested in exploring machine learning


Clarifai doesn't require any coding to get started, so no prior knowledge is needed!

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