Managing the costs of AWS – how Seek does it

Moving into the cloud will present a number of challenges to any organisation. Most are incredibly well documented, but in the rush to adopt new technologies, leverage planetary scale infrastructure, is the lesser understood impact on the Finance Department. Finance teams that have grown up in the data centre will face new challenges integrating the costing and billing processes into their existing systems and workflows, at a depth that is not immediately apparent to development and infrastructure teams that advocated the change, once the bills start rolling in and various methods of cost control and visualisation are employed.

This talk will explore how Seek manages the cost of AWS, the various tools and processes employed and a number of learnings that we have taken from using this platform since 2013

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Outline/structure of the Session

This session will be delivered in 30 minutes using Prezi as the presentation medium

Learning Outcome

A number of learnings will be shared from this talk.

  • Managing CAPEX and OPEX expenses
  • Account management – what models are right for you
  • Untagged and Tagged costs – how to gain visibility into what you’re paying for
  • Reserving Compute – a brief foray into the complex world of reserving cloud capacity to offset costs and capacity contrstraints.
  • Tools and techniques – what does Seek use, the value they provide
  • Cost control tooling – How to proactively avoid cost blowouts and better manage security

Target Audience

This talk will suit anyone working in Finance departments facing (or currently), managing costs in AWS, developers and architects building infrastructure and software solutions plus Product/Delivery Managers and CFO/CIO/CTO level executives


Familiarity with AWS is beneficial as some knowledge around cloud workloads and technology will be assumed, although not to any depth that would require further investigation.

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