Machines are now bettering people at a range of specific intuition tasks. How are they doing this, and what might be next?

What does this mean for the development and governance of intelligent products and services that we access as consumers and citizens, and what are the implications for the organisations that provide them?

We'll cover the impact across the product lifecycle, from customer perception, to product design, technology development, knowledge management, risk and ethics.

You'll leave with a practical overview of a very broad, deep and dynamic topic, and models, tools and approaches to reason about machine intuition today.

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Outline/structure of the Session

30 minute talk

Definition of machine intuition and achievements - 5 mins

Future directions - 4 mins

Machine intuition in the product lifecycle:

  • Product design - 5 mins
  • Technology development - 5 mins
  • Knowledge management - 5 mins
  • Governance, risk & ethics - 5 mins

Conclusion - 1 minute

Please note each section will include examples and models, tools and approaches that can be practically applied.

Learning Outcome

Practical overview of a very broad, deep and dynamic topic.

Models, tools and approaches to reason about machine intuition, specifically deep learning.

Target Audience

Anyone involved in data or technology product delivery


No specific prior knowledge required. General experience in data and technology development helpful.

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  • Josh Graham
    By Josh Graham  ~  4 months ago
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    I need something a bit more concrete to evaluate this "very broad, deep and dynamic topic" in the context of this conference. Do you have some excerpts from the longer version of the talk that might help me grok?