How to Make Application Logs Even More Useful with Stream Analytics. Apache Beam.

This talk is oriented on an audience of engineers who have already started exploring stream data processing to solve business problems or still considering benefits of it. Having more than 3 years of enterprise experience with stream processing in enterprise environment I would like to give a brief overview of existing solutions in this area and what are the strongest trends. A practical example with analysis of application logs can help to demonstrate that the threshold of entry for stream apps is very low even for big IT ecosystems.

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Outline/structure of the Session

1. Batches, Mini-Batches, Data Streams

2. Apache Beam

3. Stream processing for Application logs

Learning Outcome

Understanding of how data streaming can easily be injected into software infrastructure and what are the benefits of stream analytics.

Target Audience

Software Engineers/Managers


Experience with any stream data processing framework like Apache Spark, Akka Streams is a plus.

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