Building Smart Bots with Microsoft Bot Framework and Cognitive Services

This talk is about building intelligent chat bots by leveraging the Microsoft Bot Framework and Cognitive Services. The Bot Framework is a platform for developers to easily build, connect, test and deploy bots. The presentation will focus on the fundamentals of building bots on the framework using the Node.js API, going through the core concepts such as Connectors, Dialogs, and Channels along with more advanced features such as recognizing user intent through integrating with NLP engines like The presentation will also show how additional intelligence, such as sentiment analysis, speech, and vision capabilities can easily be incorporated via Cognitive Services. Finally, the talk wraps up with how to deploy and host your bot in the cloud and connect it to multiple chat channels such as Skype and Slack.

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Outline/structure of the Session

In this demo-rich presentation, I start with a brief introduction to the MS bot framework, then jump right into sample code and demos of increasing complexity, starting from the most basic Hello bot to a full-fledged Bot incorporating all the features presented in the talk -- NLP and integration with Cognitive Services. Finally, I show how to deploy and host your bot and connect it to multiple chat channels such as Skype and Slack.

Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Build a bot using the MS Bot Framework (Node.js API)
  • Incorporate NLP functionality using
  • Add additional intelligence to their bot through Cognitive Services
  • Deploy the bot to the cloud and connect it to multiple chat channels

Target Audience



  • Familiar with Node.js or at the very least can code in one programming language
  • Familiar with basic NLP concepts
  • Basic familiarity with Microsoft Azure (or other cloud platforms such as AWS).
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  • Josh Graham
    By Josh Graham  ~  5 months ago
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    I'd really like to see this talk and Lace present but it seems to me far more suited to YOW! Connected. I know there's a lot of ML going on behind the scenes in the proprietary platform services, but this isn't about how that ML works, it's about the application of it.