Data Engineering with Apache Beam

Beam is changing how we do data engineering and attendees of this workshop will be taken on a journey from the basic understanding of the technology through to being able to develop with Beam professionally. This workshop provides an in-depth coverage of Beam’s features and API.


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Outline/structure of the Session

Professional Beam Development

  • Coding With Beam
  • Beam Model
  • Beam API Pipelines
  • Beam API Processing

Windowing Beam

  • Windowing
  • Event and Processing Times
  • Advanced Windowing API

Beam Runners

  • Supported Runners
  • Runner Profiles
  • Choosing a runner

Learning Outcome

After attending this workshop you will understand the basics of coding a Beam pipeline with Java to build your Big Data foundation, how Beam uses windows to make it easy to sessionize and trigger on time frames and how to integrate and use Beam with the rest of your Big Data systems.

Target Audience

Software engineers, data analysts, technical leaders, testers and anyone with an interest in learning data engineering with Beam.


Attendees will need to bring a laptop with VirtualBox installed and have at least 3 GB of free memory. Alternatively students can access a supplied cloud VM.

Attendees should have at least an intermediate level understanding of Java.

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