Setting up Continuous Delivery Culture for a Large-Scale Mobile App

schedule Sep 12th 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM place Legends Ballroom people 85 Attending

The ability to get the latest greatest version of your product into the hands of users, safely and quickly in a sustainable way, a.k.a Continuous Delivery is the need of the hour for every enterprise out there. Over the years, we've got very good about Continuous Delivery for server-side, web-applications. However, it's not as streamlined for Mobile or Desktop Apps.

This talk will cover the typical aspects we need to address while setting up a Continuous Delivery culture in the context of a large-scale mobile app:

  • SCM/Version Control: moving from Feature Branches to a trunk-based development model
  • Build/Test Environments: Decentralising the build & test environments using Containers(Docker) and CI Server(Jenkins)
  • Microservices Architecture: Segregating and containerize the micro-services. Also refactoring the mobile apps to be more container friendly.
  • Device Farm: Setting up a mobile device farm (using STF or ADF)
  • Code-reviews: Improving the quality of code-reviews (using SonarQube, PRBuilder & PRRiskAdvisor)
  • Test Pyramid: Building the right Test Pyramid to get rapid feedback by creating different kinds of automated tests to align with the CI Pipeline
  • Code Quality: Visualising the health of our code-base (using C3)
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Target Audience

Software engineers, technical leaders, architects and anyone interested in continuous delivery.

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