YOW! Singapore 2019 Day 1

Mon, Sep 9

    Registration - 45 mins


    Introductions - 15 mins


    Morning tea - 30 mins


    Lunch - 90 mins

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    Gregor Hohpe

    Gregor Hohpe - Architects live in the first derivative

    schedule  02:45 - 03:35 PM place Room 1 people 125 Interested

    No organization ever complained that their It department was delivering too fast. However, as technologies evolve ever more quickly and product cycle times keep shorting, it’s difficult for any development team or IT organization to be fast enough.

    As these organizations try many things to move faster, from adopting Lean and Devops approaches, moving to the cloud, to working weekends or paying bigger bonuses. Slowly many of them realize that increasing velocity is about more than just moving a bit faster. It takes a fundamentally different mindset – one that looks at the first derivative.

    This talk takes a fresh look why moving faster isn’t just about speeding things up and dissects both systems and organizational architectures that are built for economies of speed.

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    Chris Richardson

    Chris Richardson - Cubes, Hexagons, Triangles, and More: Understanding the Microservice Architecture Through Shapes

    schedule  03:40 - 04:30 PM place Room 1 people 148 Interested

    The microservice architecture is becoming increasing important. But what is it exactly? Why should you care about microservices? And, what do you need to do to ensure that your organization uses the microservice architecture successfully?

    In this talk, I’ll answer these and other questions using shapes as visual metaphors. You will learn about the motivations for the microservice architecture and why simply adopting microservices is insufficient. I describe essential characteristics of microservices, You will learn how a successful microservice architecture consist of loosely coupled services with stable APIs that communicate asynchronous. I will cover strategies for effectively testing microservices.


    Afternoon tea - 30 mins


    Reception - 30 mins

YOW! Singapore 2019 Day 1

Tue, Sep 10

YOW! Singapore 2019 Day 1

Wed, Sep 11
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    Adrian  Cockcroft

    Adrian Cockcroft - Workshop - Cloud Native Architecture - Words of Experience, Bits of Advice

    schedule  08:30 AM - 04:30 PM place Room 1 shopping_cart Reserve Seat

    Adrian has a unique experience as an expert in Cloud Architecture gained from his work at eBay, Netflix, through Netflix OSS, working with startups and enterprises at Battery Ventures, and most recently as VP Architecture at AWS. In this workshop, Adrian will share his experience and advice on building cloud-native enterprise solutions. The workshop looks at the business and technology of moving an enterprise to the cloud. Adrian discusses the major challenges of scaling in particular fault tolerance, resilience and security as more and more major regulated businesses transition to the cloud.