YOW! Singapore 2019 Day 1

Thu, Sep 12
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    Chris Richardson

    Chris Richardson - Workshop - Microservice Architecture Essentials

    schedule  08:30 AM - 04:30 PM place Room 1 add_circle_outline Notify

    Enterprises need to deliver better software faster. It’s no longer sufficient to release quarterly or even monthly. Instead, organizations must use methods, such as DevOps, to frequently deploy changes into production, perhaps as often as multiple times per day. One obstacle, however, to DevOps-style development is that organizations are often mired in monolithic hell. Key business applications are large, complex, unwieldy monoliths, and so it’s impossible to rapidly and safely deploy changes.

    The solution is to adopt the microservice architecture, which is an architectural style that has the testability and deployability necessary for DevOps. In this 1 day workshop, you will learn about the the microservice architecture, its benefits and drawbacks and how to get started.

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    Martin Thompson

    Martin Thompson - Workshop - High-Performance Messaging & Services with Aeron

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    In this workshop, you will learn how to build services with Aeron and SBE in Java. Services capable of handling millions of messages per second with very low and predictable response times. We will cover some networking theory and the design of Aeron so you know how to use it with mechanical sympathy.

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    Adrian  Cockcroft

    Adrian Cockcroft - Workshop - Cloud Native Architecture - Words of Experience, Bits of Advice

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    Adrian has a unique experience as an expert in Cloud Architecture gained from his work at eBay, Netflix, through Netflix OSS, working with startups and enterprises at Battery Ventures, and most recently as VP Architecture at AWS. In this workshop, Adrian will share his experience and advice on building cloud-native enterprise solutions. The workshop looks at the business and technology of moving an enterprise to the cloud. Adrian discusses the major challenges of scaling in particular fault tolerance, resilience and security as more and more major regulated businesses transition to the cloud.