YOW! Deep Dive Workshop 278

Thu, Feb 28
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    Jeff Patton

    Jeff Patton - Passionate Product Ownership A Certified Scrum Product Ownership Workshop (Sydney)

    schedule  08:30 AM - 12:30 PM place Grand Ball Room 1 shopping_cart Reserve Seat

    Product Ownership is hard! If you’re working as a product owner in an Agile team, you already know this is the toughest and most critical role in a successful product organization.
    If you’re a UX practitioner, senior engineer, or marketing professional in your organization, it may seem like adopting Scrum or Agile development has stripped away your ability to contribute as a product decision maker.

    If you’re adopting an Agile approach, your organization may be struggling with bloated backlogs that aren’t well understood, stressful planning meetings that last too long and fail to get at details needed to deliver predictably, a nagging feeling that you’re building the wrong thing, a lack of time to work with customers and users, chronically late delivery, and frustrated business stakeholders…There’s hope!

    The Passionate Product Ownership workshop takes on the bad assumptions and bad practices that often emerge from overly simplistic approaches to agile development and Scrum. Jeff Patton will leverage his past product leadership experience, and years of coaching product teams to teach an effective product ownership strategy.